Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet Summer May Flowers

Excellent. Weather is getting a LITTLE better and now I actually have plans to do fun outdoor things. The problem was: what to wear! I don't have my creative writing class cookout until Tuesday, but I wanted to try and put together outfits before then to see what was the best I could come up with. I think I might have already found it, though. This just might sum up summer me!

Dress (That's right, it's all one fabulous piece): The Frassy Dress from Modcloth!
Necklace: from Whiteowl on
Socks: Target
T-Strap flats: Urban Outfitters

And, because my boyfriend loves to really help out and take flattering photos of me so often, classic me:

Yep. This is what I'll look like all summer. Sigh.

I hope your day has been as colorful and relaxing as mine has! And I'm going to experiment with another outfit tomorrow!

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