Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Back to my Laptop!

So, my computer has been away being fixed, but my mind has also been away figuring out how I would update this and have no one hate me for being away for so long.

All I can offer are some reasons why I'm a real person and not ONLY a fashion blogger:
1. I have a job
2. I have friends that randomly come into town and screw up my schedule
3. I'm a student
4. I have a love-hate relationship with technology

And while I wish these things didn't get in the way of posting or being fashionable, sometimes they do. I wish I could pretend all I am is a model with a blog and some cool clothes, but that's a laugh! I'm not even tall enough to be a model.

But, since I've been gone I've had a few good outfits, and here are some that have gone over pretty well. GET READY, 'CAUSE THIS IS THREE POSTS IN ONE!

Here are my new looks in summery colors!
purple lace tank: from old roommate
bowtie necklace: cactus flower
skirt & belt: forever 21
flats: vintage, via etsy

playsuit dress: ebay
belt: Modcloth
flats: vintage, via etsy

Here are my new looks in summery heels!
cardigan: Urban Outfitters
dress & belt: Wet Seal
wedges: Macy's

These heels are the reward I was so excited to tell you about!!!
Necklace: gift from a friend
dress: Express
purse: Modcloth
heels: chictopia (for 2000 points, but no actual cash! wow!)

And HERE is a remix of a staple piece in my wardrobe: the Little Blue Dress
Business Chic!
Blazer & Dress: Urban Outfitters
satchel and heels: Modcloth
Tights: Target

Bohemian Chic!
tunic: gift from friend
dress: Urban Outfitters
belt: Wet Seal
beads: Mum's from the 60's
heels: (again) my reward from!

and finally...
Bow chic!
headband belt, shoes & dress: Urban Outfitters
skirt: Forever 21
necklace: Cactus Flower

So I hope this post makes up for my time away. I'm doing my best, I swear. I'm going to make sure that I keep my computer from breaking for as long as possible, though, because I really have missed this! Look for a more normal update soon with more outfits, more adventures, smile-inspiring things, and even some re-decorating of my house once my housemates move out and I get new ones :-) These should be easier times for better posts now, so check back...if you're not mad at me for leaving you...