Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Lips Are Red!

So...Annie Clark of St. Vincent has a song called "Your Lips are Red" and it is somehow both haunting and adorable in the manner it makes its way into my mind every time I wear red lipstick. St. Vincent to me, will always be the patron saint of red lips.

However, today's outfit was not only because that song popped up on my itunes recently, but also because I have slipped back into being a brunette.  And last summer I was redheaded and that was too matchy-matchy, so here's to a color I can rock much more often during this year's red-hot months. :-)

I wore this to my friend's little sister's high school graduation party. And their parents' house is phenomenally gorgeous, so I really should have tried to sneak some photos there...but instead, here I am again by the brick side of the abandoned house on my own little country street in my college town.
(Oh, Bloomington!)

Heart-shaped sunnies: Urban Outfitters (boyf says I'm over-wearing them...hope not!)
White ruffled blouse & red pencil skirt: Forever 21
Belt: hand-me-down from friend
White flats: vintage, via Etsy

Though I got lots of outfit compliments from both my friend's family members and her friends, I DEFINITELY ate more than I should. So...the only outfit I might be wearing tomorrow is my YOGA one! But we'll see... ;-)


  1. Such a nice outfit, I had red hair too once, I think being a brunnette really suits you!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. This outfit is so darling. love the frilly blouse and of course red lipstick!

  3. You have such lovely style!
    I adore everything about this outfit you're wearing... from your too cute heart shaped sunglases, to your feiry red lips!
    To make a long story short: I think you look utterly fantastic.


  4. You have great style! I just am loving your blog and chictopia! That skirt and belt are really flattering too! I wish I could pull of red lip stick! :)

    I would love to hear what kind of feedback you have for me on some of my outfits! I am loving your style and you would probably have great suggestions! :)