Friday, May 21, 2010

I Match The Weather

It's been too rainy to do anything summery! I got a ride somewhere last night, and I've been going to yoga or to the gym during the day, but I can't do ANYTHING outside for more than about five minutes without it raining!

So here's my rainy, rainy outfit. I'll probably wear it out to a house party this evening for someone my boyfriend knows. Sigh. Rain, rain, go away!

cardigan: urban outfitters
dress: charlotte russe
raindrop necklace: gift from a friend
shoes: Modcloth

And here's my boyfriend James in his silly "dressing gown" (cause apparently that's what British people call bathrobes) joining in on the rain-colored fashion for the day. hehe. Look at him pose!  :-)


  1. haha!! i love the boyfriend pose!! :D

    you look way too adorable in your outfit!! the colors are perfect for summer! i hope the weather gets better there! :D

  2. Love this outfit! The colours are amazing, you have so many lovely summer dresses - very jealous. And you bf pose, classic but I must admit I say dressing gown too... my excuse I lived and studied in England for 3 years :)

  3. I love your baby doll dress, adorable!