Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drama Prom 2010!

Drama Prom was upon us last night! The theatre department at IU throws a huge gala for all the leaving seniors and all the celebrating underclassmen at the end of the year complete with fanciness, awards and even an open bar...which got a FEW friends of mine into trouble.

Here's the dress I wore! (would've been a better picture of me if I didn't tilt my head back so far...)

And here are some shots of me and my housemates, Sam (black dress) and Alana (pink dress). We're not graduating, but we sure had a lot to party for this year!

On Sam: Dress from The Limited
On Me: Dress from Modcloth, Necklace from WhiteOwl on Etsy, and Shoes from Macy's
On Alana: Dress from My Baby Jo in L.A.

...and then there was actually going to the event! Not a ton of pictures turned out from that since it was pretty dark, but here's a good one of me with my exchange friends Emma and Hannah from my boyfriend's uni England! (The boyfriend himself couldn't show up because he was actually in a show. You'd think the theatre department would schedule their biggest event around community performances...)

And then here's a pretty great shot from the end of the evening: the tradition of jumping in the fountain together in the middle of campus!

I'm so glad this exists to erase and replace all of the lameness of high school proms!!!

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