Friday, June 11, 2010


So a package arrived for me from yesterday and it was a DVD of one of my favorite comedies: THE IT CROWD!

Oh, yes. I am in love with nerdy, Brit humor (for obvious reasons because I am in love with my nerdy, Brit boyfriend). My roommate Steven was all surprised that the package contained no dresses.

Today, I DID get a package with dresses though! Dresses and a pair of sandals that I had left at my mum's house in Florida when I went home to visit for the winter holiday. (I had to save all the suitcase room for sweaters and warm Christmas presents because I'd need them more in the spring semester). Finally, summer is here and the sandals and sundresses are useful again, so Mum sent them back to me! I had to convince Steven and let him check all the dresses to make sure they weren't new, though. Am I addicted to dresses? Maybe. Did I buy any recently? No. Can I control myself on a budget? Yes. Does that kind of suck and leave me with dress-withdrawal symptoms? YES.
**plus, while I have eaten ice cream and watched cute TV shoes with both old friends and new ones, I have not gone shopping yet since James left and this is usually an integral part of the "feeling better" process when something big happens, no?

So here's my "new outfit" A dress and a pair of sandals that I'm OBSESSED WITH that I can't believe I left at home for so long...

Dress: Pitaya
Undershirt: hand-me-down from a friend
belt: Cactus Flower
Sandals: Modcloth

So, I know I've been rambling a bit today, but! these are completely awesome shoes not only because they’re comfy and the ONLY pair of sandals I own (shocking for a Floridian, but I’m in Indiana for school…so what can I do?), but also because THEY LOOK LIKE PIE. I feel like my feet are made of sweet pastry lattice every time I wear them! And that’s a pretty silly and day-brightening feeling.

And, though I hate to sound like a downer and say that pie-sandals, key lime pie ice cream, and TV shows with pie-makers... and silly computer programmers (okay this show breaks my apparent pie-themed life, but I'll deal)...I still feel pretty down and lonely since James left. Only natural, I'm sure--in fact, a good sign! But the truth is I'm also having issues with finding a roommate for next year and now with trying to find a replacement for a character in the play that was supposed to be a stress-free fun progject. SIGH. 

But what do you guys do when you need an instant cheer-up and might be on a lame budget?
Hope your days are so much better than mine, lately! 

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  1. The sandals are cute, great for summer. Unfortunately its winter here though :(. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend leaving, that would be very hard.