Monday, June 14, 2010

Comedic Camping

            So, while this weekend I have absolutely no great outfits to show you, I do have some photos you might enjoy. My improv comedy troupe went CAMPING! However, we were sleeping in a friend's backyard with nearby park and not roughing it to the extent that I had originally imagined. So the reason why I could've worn something cute and didn't, is because I thought that the conditions would be much worse! So here I am in the laziest outfit EVER having a great time with some of the laziest and best people EVER!

We took setting off fireworks and running away and made it into a new poster for our shows next year!

And I tried my hardest to get a sweet trampoline shot!

So, while I wish I had looked better doing it so I could show you some camping fashion (if such a thing exists...), I had a fantastic time this weekend. I hope you did, too. 

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  1. camping sounds so fun. perfect for the summer