Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Not So Very Good Day...

I haven't posted in a while because I've been focusing on spending all my time with the boyf...

...and James officially left for England today.

I miss him already.

And I keep trying not to cry in the pictures. Don't believe the smiles :-( I'm sorry about all the cheesy photos, but I'm about to freak right out now that he's gone! 

I INSISTED we had to take some nice photos of us together before he left because we haven't gotten any taken recently. So I wore his favorite color and everything. He even laughed when he figured out that my dress and his trousers both came from H&M. (He's worthy of a fashion photo now, he says).

My friends have been fantastically supportive today, though. My roommates and a two other friends in town got together at my house to eat ice cream and watch "Pushing Daisies." It's the most ADORABLE program, and just look at this fashion:

I've always wanted to be like Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, the beautiful girl in the yellow dress. She and her beloved pie-maker, Ned, can't touch in the show due to his special powers--but now my boyfriend and I can't touch either. Due to a very big ocean. Sigh. Maybe James and I can be just like Chuck and Ned in our long-distance relationship in someways...

Here's hoping the rest of my summer can still be full of good days.


  1. I cannot believe you made a post about pushing daisies.... We are officially soul mates! Whenever me and my old roomie were having boy troubles, or MIA boyfriend induced sadness, we would always have a marathon.. I still cannot believe it got cancelled. My heart still aches!

    How long is James gone for? I am sorry that you guys have to be apart for a while, but think of all the adventures he will get to share with you! That is so exciting!


  2. Excellent! I love fellow daisy-heads: clearly soulmates, indeed! The powers that be in tele land have a rule that every show I actually like MUST be cancelled, so it's probably my fault. lol

    James is gone for a year. He was studying abroad at my university this year, but now we have to finish our last years at our own separate ones. With any luck, I'll be there for Christmas and he'll be here for spring break, but it's already SO LONELY. ugh. thanks for the support!!! <3