Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few Things That Make Me Smile...

So, I know this is my third post with this title, but I think it's another pretty good one. These are my favorite kinds of posts to do because hopefully it shows that I do other things in life besides sit at my computer and browse the interweb for fashion advice and sales! ...but those things obviously make me smile, too.

1. Rupert after his flea bath. His tail looks ridiculous! And hopefully, he'll be smiling soon, too, because he won't be bitten anymore!

2. Visiting an old man's house and finding a walk-in liquour closet...

3. Driving by some of Indiana's classiest places

but wait, there's more!
(Apparently they're looking for NICE girls? Something tells me they don't want NICE girls!)

4. Going to Lunch at FarmBloomington, an ACTUAL classy place in town, for a friend's bday!

5. Kind-of-sort-of stealing an out-of-use sign from the theatre department to put on my bathroom door

6. The fact that my roommate working as a florist this summer keeps our hose pretty!
(and the fact that Rupert has to creep into all of my pictures...)

7. Redeeming a pair of shoes on for 2000 chicpoints instead of real money!!!

8. Wearing an all-vintage outfit today!

Hooray for thrifting!

Things that do NOT make me happy include the fact that my boyfriend has been out of the country for almost a month. But otherwise it's been a *pretty* great day. 

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  1. Such nice things that make you smile, and I love that dress! You look so lovely!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue